Throughout this winter the Provence Breads & Cafe in Hillsboro Village in Nashville, TN is hosting SNAP’s un-themed show. A great selection of artistic photographers’ work is going to be exhibited from December 2012 through February 2013.
My contribution is one that I shot in Budapest, HUN, while there this October. I only had a couple of hours for myself during that week and my feet took me to the 1956 Memorial Square. It’s not really a happy place, true.

The monument has been built at the 50th anniversary of the historic event of 1956 to commemorate the tragic-heroic Hungarian revolt against the Soviets. Its rusting steel columns arouse opposing interpretations, but I felt drawn to it regardless the artist’s underlying abstract message. It’s a strange feeling to be able to go into an art work. While surrounded by the huge columns one is almost forced to stall and look up. The birds sure do seem have a lot more freedom from down there than they do when on a Sunday bird watch…