About Jay


    Working myself into a position of total versatility, so that I can do anything I want to do at the time I want to do it. Whether I do it or not is another question.

    Elliott Erwitt


     Words were never my strong suit. As far as I can remember I have been always looking for alternative ways to express my thoughts, my emotions, and to interpret my surrounding. Music and drawings were always at hand. Discovering photography as a medium to aid my attempts was an exciting transformation.

    I was born in Hungary in 1974, moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 2001. I spent my college years with hunting and stacking bits here and there – no, really, that is mostly what you do in Computer Science. It is probably the very same drive that defines my experimental approach when it comes to photography. I got intrigued by light’s ability to shape our perception, its influence on our emotions, how a picture becomes a sentence or a story by simply finding the right shades of the scene – or the “seen”.

    I started playing and experimenting with this medium through ARTchitectural pieces, spiral staircases in particular, and social commentaries. It was generally a documentary style of photography of what I came in contact with. Recently, I shifted my interest towards subtle digital manipulations of my images striving to translate impressions that strike me when I see something. Sometimes I take away information from the source file, other times I create something in the picture that was not really there originally. The changes are not intended to be big, but enough to engage to come back for a second look. 


    • January 2013 — Portfolio Review with Thomas Werner, former New York gallerist, international curator and fine art photographer
    • December 2012 – February 2013 – Group exhibit with SNAP (Society of Nashville’s Artistic Photographers) at Provence Café in Hillsboro Village, Nashville, TN.
    • November 2012 – Several pieces of mine have been selected for the exhibition Reflections at the Harlem NYC gallery La Maison D’Art.
    • September-December 2012 – Sweet Mysteries themed juried group exhibit at Chromatics, Nashville, TN.
    • March 2012 – Several of my work has been selected for the annual SNAP art show at Janet Levine March Gallery of the Gordon Jewish Community Center, Nashville, TN.
    • November 2011 – Several of my work has been selected for the themed juried group show Give me Shelter at Picture This Gallery, Hermitage, TN.