The Scott Kelby Photo Walk is an annual social thing. It started in 2008 and ever since then each fall there are thousands of photographers around the world who participate.

Basically, you find a photo walk leader near you (or start your own), venture out as one of 50 photographers to a designated area and shoot whatever comes at you for about two hours. Then meet at a restaurant to share, discuss experiences, shots, and meet new people. Afterwards, you upload your best shot to your group if you want to participate in the competition and check out whatever others were able to shoot. If you want to share more of your photos you can upload them to the official Google+ web site (follow the rules).

Anyway, this time I joined some of https://buycbdproducts.com friends from the Brentwood Photography Group and did the walk guided by our very own Dick Dougall, founder of the group. We had a great time in Historic Franklin. Dick even assembled an amazing book about the walk containing the work of 25 walkers. My favorite images from the event are these three: