Lately, I was so occupied with taking in new information about different aspects of photography, technical, artistic, borderline, etc., that I decided I needed some time to relax and to refresh my mind. I needed some hands-on work. It always helps to shake off the dirt.

I wanted to break away from the ‘every day / magazine look’. It’s been a while that I’ve been looking for the right effects for some of my moody pictures. I grabbed a handfull of my recent photos I took at my middle school reunion this summer and started with some presets that I felt were pointing in the direction I wanted to move. Then let the games begin. 🙂

It was all about remembering old times, reaching back to something that was so long ago and in such a remote environment from what I experience now day in-day out. I don’t know if I shall keep on following this road for my work, but at the end, I got something that reflects my memories of those days pretty good.

Enjoy. 🙂