Well, this past weekend I dug up my brave heart and set out for a trip to see my first Hot Rod Race — alone. Packed my gear and tossed the nose of my car towards Bowling Green, KY, an easy 2 hour drive. To be honest, it felt refreshing to do something else, and that on my own. I only got there to catch the last night of the event. I guess some of the beauties have been already tucked away and wobbling home, but I refused to accept I might have had missed something — anything. So I parked my car wherever and ran right towards where I thought the most interesting line-up should be.

I spent about 5 hours strolling from one gem to the other snapping some here and there. But I mostly enjoyed even being there. I thrive on the old style, the 30’s, the 50’s, the shapes, the curves. Not even the rain could’ve stopped me — although I had to spare my camera more than I wanted to.

Then the night found me on the race track sneaking as close to the candidates as possible. This was my first up close and personal experience, so each start was like a frisson of excitement. Oh, it is loud alright! Every hair on my arms was fluttering from the thrust as those babies exhale. I even forgot the time.

I think it was well after 10 when I finally tried to leave. I challenged myself to find my car in the field (of course I forgot where I parked and it was pitch dark :D) and set sail. Here are some of the photos from that afternoon. Enjoy. 🙂