The Citizens of Brentwood Green Space (CBGS) is set out to preserve and protect open spaces that include parks, trails and historic sites in Brentwood. Ravenswood park is a ca. 300 acre property that the city of Brentwood is considering to acquire for development as a park.

The building on the property has been constructed in 1825 in federal style by James Hazard Wilson II and was named for Sam Huston whom the Cherokees affectionately called the Raven – from Ravenswood fact sheet.

The Brentwood Photography Group (BPG) had the opportunity to work with CBGS and got permission to take pictures of this wonderful property to showcase its beauty and potential. We had a thick fog when we got there but by noon the sun was shining again. Unfortunately, it was time to leave then. I was challenged to find perspectives and angles in the limited space inside the home that would still work for me, for I miss my wide angle lens dearly (had to send it back to repair), but at the end I was pleased with the results. We weren’t allowed upstairs in the house for safety reasons. I’d have loved to use PS on some of these photos and add some texture on them to reflect more on their stories, I just don’t have access to it.

Long story short, here are my shots from that day, I hope you enjoy them.

Going HomeBarndoorPink StairwayDoor Knob ReflectionGoing UpWaves