Fall seems to be very busy around here, but I enjoy every bit of it! 🙂 One of the most important tasks on my list is to prepare some of my images to show at the November Franklin Art Scene.

Ken Walls, who is one of the most talented local artists I am fortunate enough to know, invited me to exhibit my work for a night at Arbor Antique Mall on the corner of 2nd and South Margin. Micky, owner of Arbor Antiques was so welcoming during my introductory visit, and I am obliged to Ken for the opportunity. I’ll be a bit tight on schedule, though, because I have another very important show to prepare for while I will need to fly back home for a short time for unexpected family reasons.

Anyway, here are a few I am considering for the show. I’m afraid it’s rather gonna be mixed than themed with the time constraint given. However, I felt drawn again toward those that capture some interesting lighting. I hope you enjoy either way. 🙂