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    Thank you for visiting my web site, I hope you enjoy my work! If you wish to learn more about me and how I kill time 😀 you are served with a plethora of options to do so.

    Flip through my flickr streem , my facebook page , my fan page on facebook  and my blog is right here waiting for you. And yes, I, too, am one of those playing with iPhoneography if nothing else is at hand, so every now and then you will see some  creations from me, as well. I also blog  some about running, so if you are an outdoorsy enthusiast, you might enjoy some of those posts.

    If you take the time to check all these out I certainly hope that you will be left with questions. Lots! 🙂 So here’s how we can work on that. You can either shoot me an email using the form below, or if it’s urgent, call me at  (615) 294-6035.

    Thank you! I look forward to meet you!