I just realized I didn’t do a post on my most recent outing. About a week ago I went on a street photo shoot downtown Nashville. If only it wasn’t so cold… 🙂

In the morning, I met with some (quite a few actually) fellow photographers from the Brentwood Photography Group for a “Block Party” and Jerry Park, our very own outing leader and experienced photographer, set us some boundaries: we weren’t to leave the block of Capitol Ave, Union, 3rd Ave, and Church Street, if I recall correct. The idea was to try and find things within that area that make for an interesting shot.

After the Block Party we met at Puckett’s for lunch, then most of us joined Robert McCurley to his “Taking it to the streets” presentation at The Arts Company. Robert is one of the 8 South Light Salon Photographers (as is Jerry Parks, by the way) currently exhibiting at The Arts Company. Among others, he is well known for his passion and great eye for documentary style recording of street life. After his presentation, we hit the streets to practice some of the techniques that he just shared with us.

Well, for what it’s worth, here are some of my shots from that day. Enjoy. 🙂